The Site

The site has:

Two main camping fields
Kitchen with oven, hob and two large fridge freezers
Fire pit
WiFi in the hall
Toilets and showers
Covered craft area
Quieter upper field
Covered washing up/eating area
Activity field
Small campervan field

Lots of great activities planned for this year, as well as the usual favourites.

It's always a lovely atmosphere at camp, everyone makes new friends, adults and children alike. By the end of camp it's like one big family.

There's a beautiful stream for paddling in, floating things on, and games of pooh sticks over. There's the woods for den building, tag, hide and seek, climbing trees etc. And the whole site lends well for outdoor play, foraging, and letting your hair down.

There's a kitchen and a hall for camp use, covered eating/BBQ areas, and two fridge freezers. Whatever the weather there's something to do.

We have a laid back ethos to camp, with just one or two activities each day, mostly low key, which allows lots of time for splashing, building and exploring, or visiting the local area.